What is SocialPass?

SocialPass is the go-to events platform, powered by Web3.
The Mission: The objective of SocialPass is to aid brands and creators in developing new revenue streams while also fortifying bonds with their consumers, clients, and communities. SocialPass provides white label solutions and Ticket Portals to businesses and artists interested in developing ticketing systems with the purpose of monetizing and retaining the audience and revenue associated with their NFTs or SocialTokens.

What NFT Ticketing Looks Like for Your Event

NFTs can play an important role in establishing a new fanbase; in the future, NFTs will be an integral part of all events and more. Please utilize any of the following resources to follow SocialPass our journey to providing a more user-centric experience around tickets:

Client Support​

Endless Possibilities: SocialPass is the simplest Web3 ticketing solution for event organizers and attendees. It can be adapted to any event size and services all sorts of event types. The platform allows organizers creative freedom for their brand and there are no hidden fees!

Guides: Jump right in

Follow our handy guides to get started with your event ticketing today:
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