Admin Dashboard
Good to know: Having multiple events with multiple teams? No problem, easily manage events and teams.
Event Organizers interested in SocialPass can visit here.​
On the initial screen, the event organizer will create a SocialPass account with an email and password which will grant access to the Admin Dashboard.
Event Organizer is taken to Admin Dashboard Home Screen after login. The left side of the screen lists features and commands. The SocialPass sidebar is divided into categories. Sidebar breakdown:

Web3 Events

  • Events - This button returns the organizer to the main page that lists all active Ticket Gates. Ticket redemption requirements, event logistics, and real-time event analytics can be viewed.
  • Draft Events - This includes saved draft events, which allow you to save information that has already been entered so that you can complete and create the events later.

Team Management

  • Team Details - This feature manages team information (i.e. name).
  • Manage Members - Add, Edit, or Remove Team Members to ensure all key team members have access to manage the event and metrics.


  • User Settings - This feature manages login information and profile.
  • Logout - Signs the users out of the admin dashboard and returns them to the login page.
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