SocialPass Scanner
SocialPass Mobile was built by Event Organizers for Event Organizers

A Scalable Scanning Solution

SocialPass Mobile is designed to be a lightweight efficient scanning solution for Web3 event organizers.
SocialPass Admin Dashboard Account holders will have access to the mobile app. SocialPass Mobile isn't required for event attendees. SocialPass Mobile is a companion app for Web3 Event Organizers.

Scan Tickets with Ease

SocialPass Mobile was designed for Event Organizers and their Team Members to scan tickets efficiently. This lightweight app helps attendees and event organizers have a great experience. Ticket with ease using SocialPass Mobile.
Start up
Users can start the mobile simply by clicking the provided link that can be located in the Ticket Gate Detail page. By clicking the link users will be automatically forwarded to the Scanning Web App.
When launching the scanner, there will be a short prompt requiring users to allow the web app to have access to their camera; after clicking "Allow" the camera will turn on and a red square will appear. Users must simply point that red square at a presented ticket in order to verify the ticket.
Successful Scan
The event organizer will see "Successful Scan" if the scanned ticket is valid, and the attendee can enter.
Failed Scan
The event organizer will see "Failed Scan" if the scanned ticket is invalid, and the attendee will not be able to enter.
Quick Notes: "Accepted" represents the number of tickets successfully checked into the event. "Remaining" represent the number of tickets left to be checked in. The "Statistics" are updated in real time across all scanning tools.
The Statistics Page provides a handy reference for event staff to view real-time scanning activities. This page displays "Claimed" and "Unclaimed" tickets, helping event staff to swiftly troubleshoot scanning difficulties. The staff will know when the ticket was issued, redeemed, and its wallet address.

In Summary

The scanner is a very lightweight software app that can run effectively and efficiently in all light ranges on virtually any phone with a camera. Scanning staff members can scan dozens of tickets per minute while only pressing one button if the tickets are valid. If the ticket is invalid, the employee will be prompted to return to the scanner or the home screen.
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A Scalable Scanning Solution
Scan Tickets with Ease
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