Ticket Portal
The Ticket Portal is where your attendees can validate their NFT to redeem their ticket for entry.

Obtain a Ticket in a Few Clicks

SocialPass ticket portals are designed to make it as easy as possible for your NFT holder to obtain their ticket. Attendees will be directed to a Ticket Portal similar to the one shown below. These portals will be highly customizable and embeddable in the near future, allowing you to host a portal on your site with your branding.
The Ticket Portal
As seen above, attendees can review the event information at a glance and proceed to claim their tickets. The process from Claim to Ticket is less than 6 clicks.
Select the Amount of Tickets
Attendees may claim as many tickets as they wish, subject to the allowable number of tickets per NFT specified during the event creation.
Connect Your Wallet
If you would like see a wallet integrated please let us know HERE!​
Attendees must choose the correct wallet in which the required NFT is stored. We currently support three types of wallets:
Our supported wallets: Wallet Connect, WalletLink, Metamask
Sign a Message
Attendees must connect their preferred wallet and sign a zero-fee authorization transaction. Following a brief loading screen, attendees will either be congratulated or rejected, depending on whether they have the required asset.
Attendees can now download their tickets if access has been granted. Downloadable tickets can be saved in their Apple Wallet for easy access in the future. Downloads are currently saved as a PNG photo.
After downloading, the only thing left is for the attendee to show up and present their ticket at the door!
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